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Welcome to NTU Dodgeball!

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge throughout the year with dodgeball. It is a fast-paced, exciting game and a very easy sport to pick up and learn - all you have to do is throw the ball and don't get hit. And don't worry, it doesn't hurt as much as it looks like, the balls are soft.


Dodgeball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, and it’s not just the growth which is fast, as Dodgeball games come in quick 15 minute spurts which are always packed with a mixture of powerful throws, breath-taking catches and of course, a lot of dodging... It is a great game to play for fun, as well as a good sport for your fitness. We welcome players of all abilities with the hope to play on your strengths and improve your skills. We currently have both Men’s and Women’s teams competing in BUCS for the second time this year, but also host weekly Plau4Fun sessions too - there’s something for everyone!

Of course there is the social side of the club! We regularly go on socials to the almighty God that is Ocean nightclub; but not before taking a tour of some of Nottingham’s best bars on our bar crawls. We’re also planning various non-drinking socials, so if you’re not one for the bar, you could be one for the Laser Quest or mini golf! It is an experience not to be missed, so even if you're not a Blazer or Lazer of the Dodgeballing world, you could always put us to shame in the entertainment world. Our social secretaries will be there to guide you, and party with you, on these socials, and show you how to do it Dodgeball style.

How to join

Trail/taster sessions will be running for the first 2/3 weeks of term, but just message us if you miss these and we will be sure to arrange something for you. Alternatively, come along to our weekly Play4Fun sessions that are a more relaxed way of getting involved, without having to buy membership.

Membership for this year costs £80 (or £30 on top of the NTU Sport membership) and gets you into every training session, a chance to play competitively and of course, OCEAN priority. Memberships purchased at any point during the academic year are only valid until the end of term 3.

For more information, feel free to join our Facebook group and ask any of our members any questions you may have :D

Last, but not least, remember to; Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!!


Playing dodgeball doesn’t have to mean a big, long-term commitment, we run regular Play for Fun sessions that focus on making sport sociable, inclusive and enjoyable.

There is no requirement to join the club, all sessions must be booked in advance on the NTU Sport App.


Club email -

Social Media

-Facebook – @ntudodgeball
-Instagram - @ntudodgeball

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418