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Shooting is an extremely dynamic sport, whether it be target shooting or clay pigeon, it constantly offers new opportunities to advance in skill whilst also being a good way to meet people and try an uncommon sport. Safety is the first concern of the sport, everyone is taught how to handle firearms safely. Once members are passed as safe, they will begin to gain skill in precision shooting and dynamic shooting types. We are a friendly sport who aim to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

female clay pigeon shooting

Club information

NTU Shooting runs alongside with a Nottingham based shooting club called East Midlands Regional Range (EMRR). We offer regular shooting sessions and cater for those who have never shot before to students who have competed nationality in their respective countries. We shoot a variety of disciplines including:

  • Target Rifle
  • Clay pigeon
  • Gallery rifle
  • Civilian Service Rifle
  • Practical Shooting

As well, we meet often for drinking and sober socials, including ocean. The club arranges termly trips to the national shooting centre in Bisley to offer not only new types of disciplines but also as a social event.
In shooting with NTU there are many potential qualifications that you can gain. With enough training and consistency there’s potential to get qualifications to become an RCO (Range Conducting Officer), there is potential to become an instructor for Small-bore and Full-bore shooting, as well as potential courses with the CPSA and UKPSA.

President Welcome

Hello I am Ryan this years President, I am currently in my 3rd year at the club and really looking forward to welcoming all the new members this year. The club has a very social atmosphere - joining the club in my first year really helped me come out of my shell at uni and I'm good friends with many of the people I've met through the club.

Our club trips to the National Shooting Centre at Bisley are always my highlights of the year and its a great opportunity to socialise with shooters from across the country and shoot disciplines we don't usually do. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of joining.


NTU Shooting offers a variety of coaching methods from trained third-party instructors to trained students teaching other students. For those committed, EMRR can offer course for students to become shooting instructors under the National Small-bore Rifles Association (NSRA) and the National Rifles Association (NRA).

British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS)

The club currently has three teams that shoot in BUCS competitions. These teams consist of: Prone Target rifle BUCS postal leagues, Prone Target Rifle BUCS long range & BUCS Clay Pigeon.

Outside of BUCS, NTU Shooting competes in NRA events such as the Civilian Service Rifle Imperial matches. We compete in local events such as Clay pigeon tournament’s with University of Nottingham and target rifle matches against universities around the country. There are also opportunities to compete on a county level with EMRR teams.

Practice / meeting schedule

For rifle shooting our club meets every Wednesday 1-5 for smallbore target rifle shooting and other smallbore rifle shooting. Our range is situated at the bottom of Derby Road on a road called “Hill Side”. Just before the QMC. Bus routes include the orange line (34,35,36) the stop is “Hill side for gatehouse lodge”.

Clay Pigeon sessions take place between 2-5 at Nottingham District Gun Club in Oxton. Transport is student run and will be arranged within the club.

How to join

To join our club the following payments must be paid:

  • £70 subs
  • £60 East Midlands Regional Range membership (to be paid at the range)

Upon joining NTU shooting, you will also become a member of EMRR which is included in the price and this is an annual membership, meaning if you are still in Nottingham outside of term time, you can still shoot with EMRR.

A police check will be carried out on joining East Midlands Regional Range.

Sports Kit

All kit is provided by our supplier however members are welcome to bring their own.


Committee Members

President - Ryan Mason 
Secretary - Reece Simpson 
Treasurer - Matthew Jenkins 
Social & Wellbeing Secretary - Jess Keyte 
Social & Wellbeing Secretary - Georgia Baird

Email -
Instagram - @ntu_shooting
Facebook - @NTUShooting

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Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418