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Sport Champions / Paid opportunities

Each year, we hire seven part-time, paid Participation Sport Champions. The champions assist the sports projects officer with the development, delivery and assessment of the Play for Fun project. They work on promotion, marketing, event management, monitoring and evaluation, and social media.

Vacancies are listed on Unitemps in Term Three.

To give you an idea of the kind of work involved, here are some testimonials from previous sport champions:

James Smith

Age: 26
Course: Wildlife Conservation
Sport: Rugby Union (Brackenhurst)

Highlights: I’ve enjoyed sports personally throughout the first two years at Nottingham Trent and I’m excited at the possibility of expanding the range of sports available at Brackenhurst and helping others experience Trent sports. I enjoy the opportunity to go out and interact with fellow students whilst developing something new for the campus that will hopefully still be here once I’ve left!

Sebastian Hernandez

Age: 20
Course: Sport and Exercise Science
Sport: Volleyball

Highlights: Being a sports champion allows me to share my passion and practise many of the concepts I learn from my course. I enjoy working with like-minded people and working with other to ensure the growth of university sports. This position gives me the possibility of meeting new students and networking with a wide variety of people.

Andrew Paczy-Smith

Age: 22
Course: Performance Analysis
Sport: Squash & Futsal

Highlights: Being a champion allows me to represent my university across something that I am extremely passionate about. This role will allow me to establish connection networks between a variety of clubs, hopefully integrating methods and individual ideas from play for fun to BUCS pushing sport at NTU to new heights. I love being able to encourage students new and old to partake in new and existing activities, really emphasising the range of benefits getting involved will have on their university experience. To put it simply, my whole life revolves around sport, whether it be competitive or for fun i just love it, and I am hoping my sporting and social experiences throughout my time here at NTU will benefit others greatly in the upcoming year.

Ameen Jarrar

Age: 19
Course: Business Management and Marketing
Sport: Volleyball

Highlights: Sport has always been an important and persistent aspect of my life. It has improved my social skills, helped me meet new people, deal with hardship, and lead, all whilst being active and having fun. Being a sports champion gives me the opportunity to not only individually excel in all these areas, but also help other people with their personal goals and involvement in the Play for Fun program. I look forward to interacting with new people, sports clubs, and all the events planned this year.

May Bowden

Age: 20
Course: Physical Geography
Sport: Mixed Hockey (Brackenhurst)

Highlights: Having the opportunity to provide sporting activities for Brackenhurst campus, which aren’t otherwise available, in a way that gets students playing for fun! I have also enjoyed being able to share my sporting knowledge alongside playing and learning new sports outside of my usual – hockey. As well as this, challenging myself to organise and run sessions that connects not only the current sports clubs on campus but establishing connections between the three NTU campus’.

Cathryn Lees

Age: 23
Course: LLM Law
Sport: Athletics

Highlights: Being on Committee this year and being a Sport Champion has meant I've been a lot more involved in the Freshers Fairs. Being on the other side of the stall was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed talking to people about sport - especially the ones who turned their noses up at the word sport or running but changed their minds once I’d spoken to them! My role has a specific focus on the This Girl Can events so I am really looking forward to being part of running and promoting these events.

Lauren Evans

Age: 19
Course: BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health
Sport: Table Tennis

Highlights: I'm excited to help grow the NTU Sport family and show others how much they can enjoy sport. I want to help others get active and shape their university experience to be a great one.

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