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Erin Hillier
One of the main reasons that I managed to secure my role was down to the enormous efforts from the NTU employability team

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Employer name: Nottingham Trent University

Job title: Graduate Marketing Communications Coordinator

Did your placement turn into a graduate role; if not how did you source your graduate role?

I sourced the Graduate Development programme (GDP) though Employability Online as it was advertised at the top of the page. I then found the GDP website and was instantly excited about the range of opportunities and benefits it has for both my personal and professional development.

Did you get support from the Employability team during your search for this role? If yes, what support did you get and how did it help you?

One of the main reasons that I managed to secure my role was down to the enormous efforts of the NTU employability team. They helped me create a compelling CV, cover letter, and gave me guidance with interview skills and building my confidence. I used many of their resources such as the CV checker and the interview checklist.

I participated in the Mock Assessment centres, which I found was very beneficial and gave me the necessary skills to flourish during the interview process. They were supportive, welcoming, and made me feel very comfortable.

What was the recruitment process like for this role?

The recruitment process was very structured, and it helped me build my confidence on the way. I enjoyed the assessment centre and found when presenting, I really got to show off my skills.

How has the pandemic affected your job search / working experience compared to expectations?

During my search for a graduate role, the pandemic did restrict me as some of the main marketing companies that I was planning to apply for, made the decision to pause their applications until the next year.

Also, the internships that I completed over the third year were mostly online which restricted my skills in making meaningful connections with clients and building person-to-person relationships.

Did you do a work experience placement whilst at NTU, if so how has this helped?

Yes, over the years I completed four internships, in different sectors in the marketing industry. Doing this allowed me to develop many skills and also benefitted the work that I completed in my course. Internships also gave me the chance to try and test many job roles before I graduated which help me direct my career trajectory.

What advice would you give to NTU students applying for graduate roles this year?

Believe in yourself, I know it sounds cheesy, but you are a lot more capable than you think you are. Apply to many things, even if you feel you are not fully qualified, you will be surprised at the results.

Also don’t put pressure on yourself to get a job straight after you graduate, everyone has their own path in life and there is no rush to get the perfect job just yet, take time for yourself if you need it.

What is a typical working day / week like for you?

My job roles involve creating marketing content for the university, this includes newsroom articles, emails, promoting NTU events and meeting with stakeholders.

What would you consider the top three transferrable skills acquired in this role?

  • Communication skills – meet regularly with clients and present my work and final statistics.
  • Time management – prioritise my workload and get my tasks done on time.
  • Teamwork – have to work as a team to produce marketing campaigns.

How would you sum up your job, in only three words?

Fulfilling, development, nurturing.

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