Education research at NTU is diverse and multi-dimensional. As a community of researchers, we work with practitioners across the whole range of education settings from birth to adult.


Research Contact: Dr Andrew Clapham

Much of Nottingham Institute of Education's (NIoE) research activity is organised through burgeoning research groups. Our education research is therefore centrally motivated by our wanting to make a difference. We explore the intersection between research and practice to understand what is happening on the ‘shop floor’ of education settings - an understanding aimed at improving both policy and practice. Our research explores critical issues of inclusion and equity, including questions of gender, ethnicity, social class and sexual orientation. We focus upon education in its widest sense and we strongly believe that education research is about making our world - both for the individual and for society - emotionally and intellectually richer and fuller.

Our education researchers employ an extensive range of methods and an equally wide range of traditions. Crucially, we work with a varied range of partners from settings as diverse as early years settings, further education colleges, botanic gardens, mainstream schools and prisons at the local, national and international scales.

As education researchers, we have a strong commitment to developing our discipline and we offer a rich setting for our postgraduate research community. We welcome enquiries from prospective doctoral students - seeking to study both part and full time - and offer a research environment with opportunities to connect with multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional projects.


Education research is organised through two research groups which reflect both the School of Social Science research themes as well as the University’s strategic research themes.

Innovative Pedagogy Research Group (IPrG)

The Innovative Pedagogy Research Group (IPrG) is one of the Nottingham Institute of Education’s research group.  With over 30 members, including academic staff and post-graduate students, IPrG reflects a wide range of pedagogy from early years, through primary, secondary, vocational, under-graduate and post-graduate teaching and learning. Members include experienced members with international profiles, members who are developing profiles, and new members who are starting on their research journey. The IPrG is involved in national and European projects such as those funded by Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. IPrG focusses on exploring and developing new pedagogies to guide educators and policy makers in local, national and international settings.

Education Policy and Practice Research (EPPrG) Group

The Education Policy and Practice Research (EPPrG) Group includes staff with national and international research profiles, as well as early career researchers. EPPrG examines how educational policy plays out through the intersection between education research and education practice. We draw upon and develop researcher-practitioner networks and partnerships to develop original perspectives on policy themes. EPPrG mobilises empirical and theoretical lenses upon policy and is involved in national and European projects such as those funded by Erasmus+. Through our research and consultancy, EPPrG employs a critical and constructive lens upon contemporary education policy in local, national and international settings.

Case Studies

The following impact case studies previously led by Nottingham Institute of Education Academics, are linked to this subject area:

Potential Doctoral Supervisors:

Andrew Clapham
Carrie Paechter
Amanda Arbouin
Helen Boulton
John Carroll
Karen Chantrey Wood
Helen Fielding
Katherine Friend
Alison Hardy
Iryna Kushnir
Marcellus Mbah
Jane Moore
Pavlina Nikita
Anne O'Grady
Sheine Peart
Elaine Regan
Ruth Richards
Chris Rolph
Natasha Serret
Krishnan Sood
Gaye Tyler-Merrick
Lauren Doak
Robin Kearsley Bullen

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