The Education Unit is hosted by the School of Education, one of the four Schools within the College of Arts and Science. It reflects the diversity and multi-dimensionality of education research across the University.

The following Impact Case Studies are linked to this UoA:

UoA Coordinator: Professor Gren Ireson

The activities of NTU’s education researchers contribute to the University’s aims of developing the student academic experience; emphasising the symbiotic relationship between research activity and teaching; fostering a dynamic culture of critique, challenge and cooperation.

Research activity is concentrated in four key areas:

Research Groupings

  • eLearning: This area includes assessment of the impact of digital technologies on learners and learning, the development of MOOCS, digital literacy and on-line safety.
  • Inclusion, diversity and engagement: This cross-disciplinary area focuses on inclusivity in schools and other centres of learning, diversity, individual learner needs and learner engagement.
  • Language and Communication: This area draws together researchers from a wide range of disciplines. It focuses on the development of practice and policy relating to literacy, reading and writing including Specific Language Impairment.
  • Pedagogy: This area explores issues relating to teaching, learning and pedagogy, from pre-school to university, and examining how practice in its many forms is developed. Research into STEM education is a particular focus within this theme.

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