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Priya Kudhail


United Kingdom
My course taught me how to think outside the box, view things from a different perspective and expand my knowledge.

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Priya Kudhail graduated from NTU in 2019, with a BA in English. Priya reminisces about her time at NTU, and explains how her course helped her develop the skills that are integral in pursuing a career in marketing.

Why did you choose to study English at NTU?

As soon as I visited the campus and the city I just felt at home. The whole vibe of the place was vibrant and welcoming. The course fit exactly what I wanted to do, and I was excited by the flexibility that was offered in the later years. My course taught me how to think outside the box, view things from a different perspective and expand my knowledge. The skills I learned, like researching, writing, and balancing my tasks, have definitely helped me in my career.

What still makes you smile when you look back?

All the memories and people I met. I grew so much at university, and I just look back with such fondness!

What does your current day involve and what attracted you to this field of work?

After watching The Proposal, I knew I wanted to work in publishing and shout out about everything to do with books. Marketing was the way in for me. It maximised all my skills - design, copywriting, strategizing, researching etc. Now, my day can range from running internal meetings and working on business development projects to designing campaigns and strategising.

What have been the highlights and biggest challenges of your career so far?

Challenges was 100% working through a pandemic and all of a sudden being in charge of the marketing function of the company. Equally, managing my first marketing assistant was a huge learning curve for me, I battled through a lot of imposter syndrome and insecurity. My highlights would be, managing a company-wide rebrand from liaising with many external agencies to managing internal communications. Also, running my first successful in-person event was a pinch me moment - the feedback was lovely from my colleagues and the attendees.

What are your plans for the future?

Get established in the world of publishing and eventually move into the world of beauty.

Finally, is there any advice you’d like to share with our student community?

I would just tell everyone to enjoy the uni years, they don’t last very long but they do stick with you forever. Work hard, have fun but look after yourself too. Keep going, everything you’re doing is worth it!

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