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International and European Applicants FAQs

We’re here to support you with your application. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions from international students and their families on this page.

Page updated 23 September 2022.

FAQs about applications

How can I apply?

We’re delighted you’re considering studying with us. You can get advice and information on our website for your application, and you can also contact your NTU Country Advisor.

Applying for September 2022

  • Undergraduate courses - You can apply to us through Clearing. If you know which course you want to apply for and have your exam results, you can apply online.
  • Postgraduate courses - Our Admissions team are focusing on processing existing applications from 12 August 2022. We cannot guarantee any new offers will be made after this date.

Applying for January and September 2023

  • For undergraduate courses, unless you are applying to NTU only, you’ll need to apply online through UCAS.
  • For postgraduate courses you’ll need to apply online through the NTU Applicant Portal.
  • If you're interested in starting a postgraduate course in January please visit our January start web page.

Do I need to provide all my documents when I apply?

  • Please provide as many as possible. If you have something missing (English language certificate, for example, or a copy of your passport) you can provide these later. Your offer will include ‘conditions’ which can be removed when you’ve sent us your documents.

How long will it take to find out if I'm successful?

  • Usually a minimum of 10 working days, sometimes a little longer if we need further information or we need to get your application assessed by an academic member of staff.

Is there a deadline to apply?

  • For undergraduate, UCAS have deadlines for international students, which is usually the end of June. UCAS 'Clearing' opens in July.
  • For postgraduate courses we don’t have a deadline and we strongly advise that you apply as early as you can.

What happens if I don’t meet the entry requirements?

You have the following options:

Do you have any advice about accommodation?

You'll find advice for international students about NTU and private accommodation on our website.

We always advise to start researching your options early, as popular residences book up quickly.

All our NTU accommodation is single occupancy.

If you need advice on your options please contact our student accommodation services team, they'll be happy to advise.

You may be travelling to the UK with family or dependents. NTU doesn’t currently provide university accommodation for families or couples but we have lots of information to support you with finding a suitable place to live.

What happens if my results aren’t good enough to meet the conditions of my offer?

We have a well-established process in place to consider candidates who have not met the academic conditions of their offer when results are released.

Applicants who have missed the terms of their offer will not automatically be unsuccessful. We will look closely at the results, and consider any extenuating circumstances, before deciding.

This process refers to academic qualifications, not English language test results.

How can I meet the English language requirements of my offer?

You can meet your English language conditions by:

Pre-sessional English

Please use our online applicant portal to apply for a pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP) course.

IELTS and other English language tests

Check the alternative language tests accepted by the University on our website – if you still have questions about your English language qualification please contact us.

Do you accept any online English language tests?

Yes – please visit our  web page on alternative language tests which includes online tests accepted by NTU.

Does NTU offer distance learning postgraduate courses?

Yes. We offer some online postgraduate degrees, including MBA and LLM.

You can find out more about these courses here:

I need to apply for an ATAS certificate, what do I do?

Please visit the ATAS website for up-to-date information on how to apply for an ATAS certificate. Please check your email as our Admissions team will send the required information for ATAS to relevant applicants by email.

Can I come to do study abroad and exchange at NTU?

Yes. We offer a wide range of study abroad and exchange programmes at the University. Please note that your study abroad cannot go ahead without the approval of NTU and your home university.

If you have any questions, please contact your NTU School Exchange Coordinator.

Can I get a refund of my advanced payment?

Yes, in some circumstances it is possible to get a refund of your advanced payment. Please contact our international team for advice on how to request a refund.

Can I work in the UK while I'm studying and/or after I graduate?

While you're studying

If you have a Student visa, you're usually eligible to work a limited number of hours (20) per week during term time.

There is more information about working while you study on the Student Hub.

After you graduate

The UK government has a post-study work visa called the Graduate visa.

This route is for students completing their degree or other eligible qualification. Through this route, students will be able to stay in the UK to work for:

  • two years, or
  • three years if they are a PhD student.

Applicants must have passed their academic degree with good attendance in order to be successful in securing a Graduate visa.

Applicants don't need to have an employer to be able to apply. They can do most types of work once the visa is granted, they can even be self-employed.

Please visit our Student Hub for more information about the Graduate route visa.

You can also see the UKCISA website for more information.

When do I need to meet the conditions of my offer by? 

If you currently hold an offer for September 2022, we encourage you to act quickly to meet your conditions to allow time for your documents and payments to be received, and for your CAS to be issued. At this stage we cannot guarantee that your place will be confirmed for September 2022. If necessary, suitable applicants may be offered the option to defer to the next available course start date, which may be September 2023.


There are no restrictions for international arrivals to the UK at this time. Some countries may have rules about what you need to do to leave the country to travel to England. You should check travel advice for the country you are travelling from.

Latest UK Government advice on travel to England.

If you are traveling through an airport in the Schengen area en route to the UK, you may need to obtain an Airport Transit Schengen Visa.

Please read our advice and information for planning your journey.

What to do when you arrive

You’ll find all the information and advice you need on our website and information will also be emailed to you:

Answers to questions you may have about arriving here may be in the section below.

FAQs about enrolment and arriving at NTU

Where do I collect my BRP?

If you selected to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from NTU you’ll be able to collect this at the International Enrolment Event, taking place in Newton Building, City Campus from Monday 5 – 23 September 2022. At this event, there will also be an opportunity to pay or discuss your fees, meet our student support team and collect your student ID card to complete your enrolment.

If you’ve arranged for your BRP to be delivered elsewhere we recommend that you collect this prior to attending the International Enrolment Event as we’ll need to see this document before you can complete enrolment.

If you still need support after these dates have passed, please take your documents to your Student Services Centre. If you're waiting for a BRP to be delivered to the University, you will be contacted to book an appointment when it has arrived.

The expiry date is wrong on my BRP letter, what should I do? 

If the expiry date on your BRP is 31 December 2024 but your permission to stay ends later than this date, you do not need to report this as an error. This is linked to UKVI moving to a digital immigration system from 2024.

Your immigration status, entitlement to work, access to services, benefits and travel are unaffected. You can also prove your right to work or right to rent using the online checking services referred to at the top of your BRP letter. These services will display the correct date of your leave.

Do I need to register with the police when I arrive? 

As of 5 August 2022, students are no longer required to register with the police upon arrival to the UK. This change affects those who have already registered and new students who are due to register. Even if your immigration documentation say you must register, you can ignore this, as it is no longer a requirement.

What happens if I become ill while I’m a student?

All international students have access to NHS healthcare after paying the NHS healthcare surcharge.

You’re advised to register with a local medical practice on the City and Clifton campuses or Southwell Medical Practice (if you’re based at Brackenhurst). Currently, the student health centres are consulting patients by telephone, video chat or email.

You can find full details on staying healthy on our student hub:

What do I do when I arrive at a UK airport? 

Please visit our travel advice web page for information on planning your journey to Nottingham from UK airports.

Can I have the Covid-19 vaccine when I'm a student? 

Yes. Anybody aged 18 or over in the UK is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination for free, regardless of the nationality or immigration status.

Please read the latest advice on travel and vaccines in question and answer format.

You do not have to pay for the COVID-19 vaccination, it is free of charge and does not count as the kind of care that requires payment.

We recommend that you register with a GP when you arrive at the University in order to receive an NHS number which you'll need to receive the vaccine. You can register with a local medical practice when you join us. There are medical practices based at both the City and Clifton campuses (students based at Brackenhurst usually register with the Southwell Medical Practice).

If you've already had one vaccine please bring your information with you, you'll be able to arrange to have your second dose here.

For full information and advice, please read NHS Covid-19 vaccine FAQs.

When is the start date of my course?

The start date for your course is stated on your CAS email and offer letter email from NTU. You can also check your course induction timetable online.

On your CAS, the 'Start Date' is the date your course will begin and you should be on campus ready to attend classes on this date. It is important that you are ready to attend on this date because there will be induction sessions which are vital to your success on your course.

On your CAS, you will also see a 'Latest Start Date'. This date is for exceptional circumstances only and refers to the latest date a student would be allowed to start.

You should always plan to arrive for your course 'Start Date'. You may only arrive after your 'Start Date' if you have applied for your visa application in good time, but are experiencing delays outside your control. Please ensure you read all emails from NTU carefully about start dates.

We encourage you to arrive in time to attend Welcome Week – starting on 16 September 2022. It's a great opportunity to get settled into student life before your academic degree starts.

Can I start my course online if I can't arrive for my course start date?

Unfortunately, if you are unable to arrive for the start of your course there is no online start available.

How do I enrol?

Enrolment for new international students is a two-step process. You'll start your enrolment online. This involves checking the information we have about you, paying your tuition fees or setting up an instalment plan, and uploading a photo for your NTU Student Card.

Then, when you arrive in the UK you should attend our International Enrolment Event to complete enrolment in-person. This is where you'll collect your BRP, show visa documentation, meet our support staff and collect your NTU Student Card. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to enrol.

The tuition fee amount showing on my enrolment portal is incorrect. What should I do?

If you have been awarded a scholarship and this is not showing against your tuition fees, contact

If you've made additional payments towards your tuition fees and these are not showing, please complete the instalment plan set up. No money will be taken from your account until the first instalment date in October 2022. After you have set up the instalment plan, contact the Finance team and they will check and adjust the payment amount.


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You will need to ensure you have the correct immigration permission/visa in place before you start your journey.

Our award-winning student support team provide excellent advice and information on immigration matters and advice on how to make a successful visa application.

If you still need help you can email the team at

Please note that it can take up to six weeks for a visa application so please apply in good time.

FAQs about visas

I've had an invalid CAS message, what should I do?

If you get an invalid CAS message it may be that you have input an incorrect number or letter. We know that the 1 (number) and I (letter) look very similar. This can be a problem because they look the same in the CAS letter format.

Please try inputting again replacing the 1 with an I, or the I with a 1.

If this remains a problem you can contact us.

How early can I apply for a Student visa?

You can apply for your Student visa up to six months before the start of your academic degree course.

Please note that your CAS may still state three months because this is a recent change, but you can still use your CAS to apply up to six months before the start of your course.

More advice and support

Katie, Laura, Chukwuka and Shweta

International Enquiries Team

We're confident that the answers to many of the questions you may have are on this page so please read this section carefully.

If you would some personal advice on your study plans please contact our specialist regional teams.

If you have a query that is not answered on this page please email our international enquiries team and we'll be happy to advise.