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Chloe Bottomley


United Kingdom
The trips and lab work are an important part of the course and allow you to see first hand the concepts you are learning.

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“I chose this course because you can get the best of both worlds! Living in a busy city with student events, nightlife and an abundance of places to visit and being only a bus journey away from the stunning Brackenhurst estate.

“The ability to explore and carry out research in the grounds and the laboratory facilities attracted me to NTU the most. Not all of the modules are lecture based. Some involve spending time in the labs working on highly specialised equipment, while others involve work outside in the field getting muddy. This varied teaching style was important to me as I enjoy a practical approach rather than all lectures being carried out in a lecture theatre.

“Environmental Science gives you a taste of everything and ensures you have knowledge in all areas of the field. The course has modules in chemical, biological, ecological, geological and physical aspects of the Earth which means it is suitable for whichever career path you choose.

“The trips and lab work are an important part of the course and allow you to see first-hand the concepts you are learning.

“I most enjoy the first year module ‘Global Environmental Issues’. This module focuses on human impact on the environment and how modern day society is causing irreversible damage to our planet. The issues are presented each week by a different lecturer whose specialism lies in that area. This means the lectures are interesting and well informed.

“Environmental Science is of ever growing importance. With concerns of population pressure, climate change and environmental degradation, the sector is expanding quickly and jobs are guaranteed. The course is relevant and provides you with a strong skill set desirable to employers. It covers a wide range of important topics which is useful whichever career path you choose to take. With invaluable support and guidance from tutors alongside the employability team this course could land you in your dream job!

“My course tutors are organised, experienced and most importantly interested in their subject area. They are approachable and are more than happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have. They deliver interesting and informed lectures and are passionate about the work that they do. This, in turn, encourages students to become more involved and take part and share their own view in debates and discussions with the rest of the group.

“I knew that I wanted to go to a city university. I love the hustle and bustle and fast pace compared to my quiet life at home. When choosing Nottingham I didn't know much about the city, however when I visited on the open day I loved the contrast between life at Brackenhurst and life in the city. I love the student life, the restaurants, the nightlife and the quaint little cocktail bars hidden away in the side streets.

“Being a student at NTU has opened so many doors for me. The support and advice is second to none and whilst getting a degree, you gain the life skills and initiative employers are looking for.

“Brackenhurst is a small and friendly campus and students are more than happy to answer any questions or point you in the right direction if you need any help. The campus has a community feel which means you are immediately involved and settled in. There is a strong connection between lecturers and students. You are known on a first name basis which gives a more personal and relaxed feel and you are made to feel comfortable in this environment.

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