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Critical Criminology and Social Justice Research Group

Unit(s) of assessment: Social Work and Social Policy

Research theme: Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

School: School of Social Sciences


Informed by a dynamic and thriving research environment, our scholarship looks to critically interrogate conventional understandings of crime, deviance, and the social, economic and political influences upon processes of criminalisation and victimisation. The group’s research and activities span a diverse range of areas including gender, race and class inequalities; social exclusion and marginalisation; secondary victimisation & co-victims; technology-enhanced abuse; active citizenship and identity; prison education; social harm and social justice; policing and regulation; and crimes against the environment.

Our group are trained in methodological innovation, with a particular strength in qualitative mixed-methods, participatory action research, visual methods, biography, life-story and narrative research, and ethnography.

The group is associated with Centre for Crime, Offending, Prevention and Engagement (COPE) and work in collaboration with other research groups within the School of Social Sciences.

Social Media

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Current Projects

QR Funded project entitled ‘Working women Impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.’ The project examines the changes in the workplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how have these changes impacted working women. Currently the project is in the pilot phase. This project is a collaboration between Dr Hind Elhinnawy (PI), Dr Silvia Gomes and Dr Morag Kennedy. For the next phase of this project, we are seeking interdisciplinary collaborators, i.e. psychology, sociology, or education. For more information, please email Dr Hind Elhinnawy.

Working Papers

Our new working papers series is now live, click here for more.

Areas of Research

  • Gender, race and class inequalities
  • Narrative and cultural criminology
  • Social Exclusion and marginalisation
  • Secondary victimisation & co-victims
  • Technology-enhanced abuse
  • Active citizenship and identity
  • Phenomenological criminology and Labelling Theories
  • Prison Education and Social Justice
  • Green Criminology
  • Policing and regulation


Gender, Race and Class Inequalities

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Social Exclusion, Marginalisation and Exploitation

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Secondary Victimisation & Co-victims

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Technology-enhanced Abuse & Active Citizenship and Identity

Technology-enhanced abuse

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Active citizenship and identity

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Prison Studies & Prison Education

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Social Harm and Social Justice

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Policing and Regulation

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Environmental Harms and Crimes

Research Methods & Educational Texts

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Educational texts

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