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NTU Apprenticeship Awards Celebration Events 2019

To celebrate an outstanding year of apprenticeships at NTU, we'd like to invite all our apprenticeship employers and apprentices to a special celebration event taking place during National Apprenticeship Week 2019.

We'll be handing out a number of awards on the night highlighting the exceptional talent of our apprenticeship partners, with both employers and apprentices alike being celebrated. The following categories are open for nominations:

  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Public Services
  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Service Industries
  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Financial and Business Services
  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Construction/ Civil Engineering
  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Health, Education and Care
  • Large Apprenticeship Employer of the Year (250+ Employees)
  • Medium Apprenticeship Employer of the Year (51 - 249 Employees)
  • Small Apprenticeship Employer of the Year (11 - 50 Employee)

All awards are free to enter, with the deadline for nominations 5 pm on Friday 18 January 2019.

Details on the criteria for the apprentice awards can be found on the entry form which you can download here. For details on how to apply for an employer award, download our employer award entry form. Once you've completed your entry form(s), please send them to

Frequently asked questions

  • Am I eligible for an NTU Apprenticeship Award?

    NTU's Apprenticeship Awards are open to all apprentices currently undertaking an apprenticeship course at Nottingham Trent University, as well as employers supporting an NTU apprentice.

  • How does the award process work?

    The NTU Apprenticeship Awards are a competitive process. Once the nomination process has been completed, all nominations will be read and coded so that all applications are anonymous once handed to our judges.

    Judges will received nominations for review in early January 2019 with the entire judging panel meeting to decide final winners in all categories by late January.

    A shortlist of nominees will be announced on 1 February 2019, after which applicants will receive notification of the outcome, as well as an invitation to the awards dinner, due to take place during National Apprenticeship Week 2019, 4 - 9 March.

    Winners of the NTU Apprenticeship Awards will also be entered for the National Apprenticeship Service's National Apprenticeship Awards 2019.

  • Who will be on the judging panel?

    Judges for the awards will be selected to represent the breadth of sectors involved in the awards. This panel will be announced in January 2019.

  • How will I know that my application has been accepted?

    You will only be entered into the NTU Apprenticeship Awards once you have submitted your nomination and you have received an email confirmation. This may take up to five working days. Nominations will not be reviewed until after the closing date, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that you submit a complete application prior to the closing date.

  • How do I apply?

    Applications should address the awards criteria detailed above and on the nomination forms, and include any relevant data or supporting evidence. To apply for an NTU Apprenticeship Award, complete the application forms, confirming the details of the organisation or individual being nominated, and which award they are being nominated for. A separate nomination form should also be completed for each nomination, and should also provide a brief summary of how the criteria is met, including any relevant case studies, data or testimonials. Submissions are limited to 500 words in total.

  • Can I nominate someone for an award?

    Yes, nominations can be sent either for your own company, or on behalf of an individual you believe meets the awards criteria. As the nomination form requires contact details of the nominee, we suggest you speak to the person(s) you're intending to nominate prior to submission.

  • Can I enter for more than one award?

    You can only make one application per award, however you can enter for as many awards as you wish. Just ensure each nomination is submitted on individual nomination forms.

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