Payment Plans

  • When will I have to set up my payment plan?

    You will need to set up your payment plan at the time of booking your accommodation. This is regardless of whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. You can do this on the online system – or if you need help you can contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the NTU finance payments team.

  • Can I change my bank details if I’ve already set up my payment plan?

    You can update your bank details using this link. You/the person who will be paying will need to enter the email address that was used when the plan was originally set up. Once you have completed this and clicked the authenticate button, it will send you an email detailing the plans you have on our system. You can then choose the plan you need to update card details against. Once you have inputted new card details, it will update on our system.

  • What should I do if I’m having problems setting up a payment plan online?

    You will need to have at least £1 in the account, and the expiry date of the card must be after the first instalment is due. If you are still experiencing issues you can contact the finance team on 0115 848 6500.

    If you are an international student who does not have a suitable bank account or credit card, you can pay by bank transfer. You will need to pay the first instalment up front before you can collect the keys. The bank details for paying your fees to Nottingham Trent University can be found on this link. Scroll down to the heading ‘Paying your fees by direct bank transfer’, then click ‘Making a direct bank transfer to NTU’.

Booking System Problems and Queries

  • I'm having problems logging into the system?

    To log in you need your student ID number – this should appear in correspondence you have received from NTU. Your ID number will usually be in the format N0123456. Make sure you type the second digit as a zero. For undergraduate students you will need to have made NTU your firm choice on UCAS at least two days before you first log in. The first time you log in you will need to generate a password. If you have waited two days after updating UCAS and you still can’t log in, please contact the password support team – or 0115 848 2855.

  • How can I check availability?

    You can see the availability on our website. If the website says that there is availability, you will be able to see the exact rooms available using the online system.

  • How can I book accessible accommodation, or ask for adaptations for a health condition/disability?

    When you log in you will be asked to record if you have a health condition or disability affecting your accommodation. If you have mobility/hearing/visual impairments, or multiple conditions, the system will stop you from progressing and we’ll be notified to contact you – this is because we have specific rooms that meet different requirements. If you have other conditions it will offer you the choice of continuing to choose a room yourself, or ask if you would prefer us to contact you to discuss options first.

  • Can I book accommodation that doesn’t match my course campus?

    You can choose accommodation that doesn’t match your campus, however we would recommend that you research this carefully to make sure you are happy with the travel that would be involved in getting to and from your classes.

  • Can I swap or change my accommodation?

    If you are unhappy with the Nottingham Trent University accommodation you have booked, we allow one swap over the summer prior to arrival. The deadline for swapping is the Friday before A level results day. This is subject to availability. Between A level results day and student arrivals in September we do not allow any swaps – we need to focus our resources on students who don’t have any accommodation. Many students settle quickly, even if the accommodation was not their first choice. However, if you are still unhappy after arrival, we run a swap list and also provide a message board where students can find their own swaps. After arrivals we charge £30 per student per swap for contract changes.

  • What happens to rooms booked by conditional offer holders who don’t get the grades to come to NTU?

    It is impossible to predict how many cancellations we will get and where these may be. Any rooms returned will be offered to students who have no accommodation booked. Depending on availability, the accommodation team may prioritise specific student groups (details of this would be available at the time). These rooms will not be offered to students who already have accommodation and want to swap. It is not advised to wait until A level results day to book accommodation as this is after the accommodation guarantee deadline for most students. If you request accommodation after the guarantee we may not be able to help you and may have to direct you to the private sector to find accommodation yourself.

  • Can I cancel my accommodation?

    During the summer we allow a seven day cooling off period – during this period you will get your £200 booking fee refunded. The cancellation deadline is 21 days before the start of your contract. After this cancellation deadline has passed, you will be contracted to pay the residence fees for the full fixed term of the contract. Please note we don’t offer a cooling off period during the 21 days before the contract starts.

  • What is your allocation policy?

    Our booking system is self-allocated. You log in with your student ID and it will recognise your age and level of study and show you suitable accommodation. The system will aim to create flats of mixed gender – if you require single sex accommodation please contact the Student Accommodation Services team. The University holds back certain rooms across our portfolio to ensure we can offer a fully inclusive mix to all students wishing to book accommodation.

Conditional Offer Holders

  • When do I need to book accommodation?

    You should book accommodation even if you have a conditional offer, providing you have made us your first choice University. Once your offer has been made unconditional, you will receive an email asking you to log in and complete your booking (sign the contract and set up a payment plan).

  • What happens if I have NTU as both my firm and insurance choice?

    If you are rejected from your firm choice and accepted onto your insurance, we would recommend that you email the accommodation team prior to A level results day – we will add a note to your record to check your admissions status. We will do our best to hold the room, but please note that this is not guaranteed.

  • What happens if I am rejected by NTU and reapply through clearing?

    If your student record shows that you have been rejected then the booking will have been cancelled. You will need to reapply for accommodation if you secure a place through clearing. If you reapply through clearing you may not be covered by a guarantee and we may need to offer advice on seeking accommodation in the private sector.

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