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Massey Nazarian


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Massey is a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture, Design, and the Built Environment. She teaches graphical communication, the 3D modelling aspect of Building Information Modelling (BIM), and principles of architectural design at Levels 4 and 5, as well as supervising Level 6 final dissertations.

She is also module leader and tutor for Graphical Communication and IT, and Integration of Engineering Apps and Engineering Skills. Other responsibilities include delivering and assessing aspects of Civil Engineering Design Projects and the Integration of Engineering Applications (a work-based learning project), covering BEng/MEng, BSc and DA courses.

Career overview

Massey is a qualified architect who completed her PhD at Loughborough University in 2014. Her thesis dealt with “Nursing Staff Productivity: The Role of Layout and People Circulation”. It has had a significant impact on research into/professional approaches of hospital designs by optimising productivity-oriented circulation system of medical staff.

In her earlier career, Massey studied at Iran University of Science and Technology, completing a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering and Urban Design and an Undergraduate degree in Architecture. She was subsequently appointed as a Research Assistant at the same university. She also worked as an Architect in two private practices before winning a doctoral scholarship from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK) in 2010. Her first academic appointments were as University Teacher and Associate Researcher at Loughborough University and Guest Lecturer in Iran University of Science and Technology and Assistant Professor in Shahab Danesh University. She joined Nottingham Trent University in 2019.

Research areas

Massey’s research focuses on:

  • design and planning of healthcare environments
  • optimising the architectural layout and circulation patterns of different types of buildings, in both medical and general settings
  • design for autistic users
  • emotional impacts of healthcare environments on patients
  • home-like design (in hospitals, prisons, etc.)
  • influence of architecture and urban design features on residents’ mental and physical health
  • dormitory design
  • wellness architecture
  • Salutogenic design

External activity

  • Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
  • Associate Fellow of Advance Higher Education
  • Regional European Chapter Leader in International Academy for Design and Health
  • Scientific Committee of International Academy for Design and Health
  • Organising Committee of International Academy for Design and Health
  • Member of Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre

Sponsors and collaborators

Massey’s previous research collaborators have included:

  • NTU Global, European Future Towns Challenge
  • Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre
  • International Academy for Design and Health
  • Loughborough University, The School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Iran University of Science and Technology
  • Shahab Danesh University


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Nazarian, M., Price, A.D.F., Demian, P. & Malekzadeh, M. (2018) Design Lessons from the Analysis of Nurse Journeys in a Hospital Ward. Health Environments Research & Design (HERD),

Nazarian, M. & Price, A.D.F (2018) Feasibility study and market assessment of short course provision and training in Design and Health for built environment professionals, and health and social care providers.

Nazarian, M. (2014) Hospital Nursing Staff Productivity – The Role of Layout & People Circulation. Loughborough University.

Nazarian, M., Price, A.D.F. & Demian, P. (2011) A Review of Different Approaches to Access & People Circulation within Health-Care Facilities & the Application of Modelling, Simulation & Visualisation. Proceedings of the CIB-W096 Conference, October 13-14, 2011, Austria.

Nazarian, M. et al (2011) Design and Decision Making to Improve Healthcare Infrastructure. HaCIRIC Project Final Report.

Nazarian, M. (2010) Hospital Ward Productivity – The Role of Layout & People Circulation. Health & Wellbeing Research Conference, Loughborough University, UK.

Nazarian, M. (2009) Improving Access & People Circulation in Community Hospitals through Modelling, Simulation & Visualisation. Proceedings of the Health & Care Infrastructure Research & Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC) International Conference, April 2-3, 2009, Brighton, UK.

Nosratkhah, H., Shojakhani, M., Ekhlasi, A., Nazarian, M., Price, A.D.F. (TBC) The Impact of Healthcare Design on Patients’ Psychosocial Needs– Focusing on the “Fear” Feeling. Health Environments Research & Design (HERD), Under Review.

Adibhesami, M. A., Nazarian, M., Tsekleves, E., Sadeghi, A., Zeinali A. (TBC) A Review of Health Indices in Medium-Size Cities Based on Salutogenic Urban Design Principles: A Case Study in Mahabad, Iran, Health and Place, Under Review.

Nazarian, M. (2003) Al-Zahra Dormitory Complex [MSc in Architectural Engineering dissertation]. Iran University of Science & Technology.

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