Michael White

Michael White


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment

Staff Group(s)
Property Management and Development


Michael is the director of the Real Estate Economics and Investment Research Group.

He provides academic leadership in mentoring new researchers and PhD students.

Career overview

Michael has supervised dissertations and PhDs in real estate economics and has provided supervision on topics covering market analysis, investment and international real estate markets and finance.

Research areas

Real Estate Economics Investment and Development

Michael's research interests are in the field of real estate market analysis. Within this area he has undertaken research in regional, national, and international commercial real estate markets. Michael's research has also analysed residential markets in the UK and in EU countries. This body of work has developed theoretical and policy issues in examining market behaviour. The theoretical issues have related to market adjustment processes over time, spatial interactions across locations, and the separation of long and short run influences on market behaviour. The policy issues have related to addressing issues such as housing affordability for government bodies, investment performance for private institutions, and policy and market interaction for quasi government institutions.

Much of this research has received funding from a range of sources. These include Chesterton Structured Finance, RICS Education Trust, the Housing Research Foundation, the Fannie Mae Foundation, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, CLG, and NHPAU.

More recently Michael's research has been examining real estate exposure of state pension funds and real estate investment strategies. He has on-going research projects that are being funded by CLG, NHPAU, and Scottish Widows Investment Partnership.

Michael is also currently working research projects on real estate bubbles, on international property finance and city office markets for investment diversification. He is also organising the European Real Estate Society 2012 conference to be held in Edinburgh.

External activity

Michael has organised ESRC workshops on property and planning and is currently board member of the European Real Estate Society. He is the economics advisor to the International Journal of Housing Policy.


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Selected publications:

PALOMA TALTAVULL DE LA PAZ and MICHAEL WHITE, 2012. Fundamental drivers of house price change: the role of money, mortgages and migration in Spain and the United Kingdom, Journal of Property Research, Vol. 29 (4), 341-367 (DOI: 10.1080/09599916.2012.729515) ISSN 1466-4453

FITZPATRICK, S., JOHNSEN, S. and WHITE, M., 2011. Multiple Exclusion Homelessness In The UK: Key Patterns and Intersections. Social Policy And Society, Vol. 10 (4), pp.501-512 (DOI: 10.1017/S147474641100025X) ISSN 1475-3073

WILSON, P., WHITE, M., DUNSE, N., CHEONG, C. and ZURBRUEGG, R., 2011. Modelling price movements in housing micro markets: identifying long-term components in local housing market dynamics. Urban Studies, Vol. 48 (9), pp. 1853-1874 (DOI: 10.1177/0042098010380960) ISSN 1360-063X

DUNSE, N., JONES, C. and WHITE, M., 2010. Valuation accuracy and spatial variations in the efficiency of the property market. Journal of European Real Estate Research, Vol. 3 (1), pp.24-45 (DOI: 10.1108/17539261011040523) ISSN 1753-9269

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Press expertise

  • Commercial real estate markets
  • Housing and commercial property markets and the macroeconomy
  • Housing markets and housing economics
  • Housing markets (the impact of interest rate changes)
  • Real Estate investment.