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NBS Business Leaders Series

Behind every great company is a great leader. Nottingham Business School strives to learn from the first-hand experience, advice and knowledge of some of our high-achieving network - this is Business Leaders.

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Roundtable: Closing gender gaps in the workplace

So, why do women earn almost 15 per cent less than men? Three respected women leaders at the tops of their chosen professions try to answer that question in Episode 24 of Nottingham Business School's Business Leaders' Podcast. Guests Sian Hampton, CEO of the Archway Educational Trust, Natalie Fahy, Reach Plc's Regional Audience and Content Director and Melanie Currie, Deputy Dean of Nottingham Business School, talk candidly about their own experiences as women in the workplace. They also outline what needs to change.

Listen below.

  • Melanie Currie
    Melanie Currie
  • Sian Hampton
    Sian Hampton
  • Natalie Fahy
    Natalie Fahy

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