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Knowledge has no national boundaries and business is international by nature, and so are we. We stretch our minds across every continent, connecting and collaborating with outstanding institutions and businesses who, like us, want to inspire positive change. By forging these deep global synergies, we can defy borders, provide our students with global opportunities and form partnerships that propel economic and social development further than we could ever do alone.

We have a truly global outreach, with links to more than 600 companies and over 100 academic institutions globally.

Our international community

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At Nottingham Business School we pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive international community. Our faculty has significant international experience and has colleagues from over 35 different countries.

Find out more about our faculty.

We also take pride in our international student community who study across our portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

Research with global impact

Nottingham Business School is home to an academic research community who are finding innovative solutions to global challenges facing societies around the world.

Collaborating with global partner universities, business and industry we’re making a positive impact on social, economics and societal welfare.

Find out more about our Research here.

Global student experience


At Nottingham Business School we offer our students a wealth of opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge required to be internationally employable and globally responsible graduates who are prepared to work and manage in an international and intercultural business environment.

Whether it's a study tour or a full year abroad, there are plenty of international opportunities to enrich your student journey and develop transferable skills for a successful future career.

Studying on a dual degree means that you will graduate with two qualifications, one from Nottingham Business School and one from the international partner institution you choose to study at. During the duration of the course, students will spend time at both institutions and complete modules towards each award. Generally, our dual award degrees also include work experience.


Our undergraduate courses run for four years: two years in Nottingham and two years overseas. Students will also complete a six month placement in this time.

The dual degrees that we currently have available for undergraduate students include:

BA (Hons) in International Business (with French)

BA (Hons) in International Business (with Spanish)


Our postgraduate course runs for 15 months, with two terms in Nottingham and one term plus an internship at a partner institution.

MSc International Business (Dual Award)

Studying overseas for one or two semesters will often be a life changer and allow you to improve your language skills, create a network of friends from very diverse backgrounds and get to reflect on your culture and attitude towards others. This will help you to differentiate yourself when entering the job market after your studies. Students often report back after interviews that a high proportion of the discussion focused on experiences and skills that they have gained whilst studying abroad.

Find out more about study abroad opportunities on your course page.

This is the ultimate experience to have that will really boost your CV and take your career to new horizons. Our employability team provides a support service for students looking for placements and internships both inside and outside the UK. A great way to approach them is to combine them with a study abroad period that will give you the insider knowledge of a specific country that is sometimes needed to find the right opportunity. Recent employers include Levi Strauss & Co. (Brussels), Lloyds TSB (Madrid) and WorldEx (Hong Kong).

Some of the courses on offer at NBS have study tours integrated into their curriculum. They are an excellent way of looking at a specific aspect of your business studies from a different angle within a European context. These tours are faculty led and organised with the help of partner universities.

Summer schools are a great way to study a specialised subject area with a very diverse group of students, which will help you to develop invaluable intercultural skills. They will also give you an edge in your discipline, and will make you stand out from other students.  These programmes usually have a solid cultural agenda which makes the whole experience a lot of fun. Spending a few weeks overseas during the summer will give you a feel of what it is like to immerse yourself in another culture and will help you prepare for a semester of study abroad if you wish to pursue one.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a form of virtual student exchange between NTU and our partner universities. Students from different countries are able to collaborate on a meaningful project relevant to their studies, using digital technology. Recent projects include NBS and O.P. Jindal Global University in India undertaking a COIL project within the field of business sustainability in India and the UK.

Global Responsibility Week is a gathering of colleagues from our partner institutions around the world, who will present to staff and postgraduate students on a variety of topics. Global Responsibility Week is part of our commitment to meaningful internationalisation, and introduces our staff and students to some of our international partners. It is an excellent opportunity to network and discover future opportunities for research and to study abroad.

Students on our full-time  on campus MBA course are able to complete an Global Consultancy Experience as part of their course. Here you will undertake an international study tour, including lectures, company visits delivered via the international consultancy experience, widening your international perspective.

Why study abroad?

  • Experience a different culture
  • Learn a new language
  • Enhance your CV
  • Add value to your degree
  • Build your independence
  • Develop your networks
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Challenge yourself
  • Have an adventure!

Fees and Funding

Students that study abroad as part of their course at NBS do not pay tuition fees to the partner institution, they should only pay the fees required for their course at NBS. You will still apply for your Tuition Fee loan and Maintenance Fee loan as normal from Student Finance. You can also apply to Student Finance for help with your travel expenses if you are studying or working outside of the UK. Students that study or work internationally have the opportunity to apply for several mobility and travel scholarships, please contact the international team at for more information.

Incoming Students

Visit NTU's Exchange and Study Abroad pages for more information

Find out more

Contact the international team at who will be able to provide you with further information and answer all your practical questions.

Dual-award partners

Take a look at some of our partner institutions where you can study a dual-award.

  • ESC Clermont
  • ESC Clermont
  • ESC Clermont
  • Kedge Business School, Marseille campus
  • Kedge Business School
  • University of Valencia
  • University of Valencia
  • ISCTE Business School

Articulation arrangements / progression agreements

Nottingham Business School offers a range of academic pathways that include:

The articulation arrangements with the discounted tuition fee are only available to students recruited by NBS partner institutions under Progression Agreements

For further information, please contact us.

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