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Sarah Yumani
A graduate role is an opportunity to explore and develop life-long skills whilst earning

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Employer name: Nottingham Trent University
Job title: Project Officer - Mansfield and Ashfield

Did your placement turn into a graduate role; if not how did you source your graduate role?

I came across the graduate role on the student platform, "NOW" page. I was told about it again by the Employability team during a mock assessment centre session I signed up to.

Did you get support from the Employability team during your search for this role? If yes, what support did you get and how did it help you?

Yes, I booked for the CV check with one of the Employability colleagues who helped improve mine. Then I booked a session at the mock assessment centre. This helped massively because it was similar to the Graduate Development Programme assessment centre. I took so much knowledge from that. I also had a chat over the phone and follow-up email with a colleague from the Employability team who helped me search for other graduate roles.

What was the recruitment process like for this role?

Similar to the NTU employability mock assessment. It was straightforward and informative.

How has the pandemic affected your job search / working experience compared to expectations?

I believe it affected me positively. It pushed me to be competitive as the job market became complex and difficult. It helped me re-evaluate my goals and what I could do to fill in the knowledge gaps to get what I want.

Did you do a work experience placement whilst at NTU, if so how has this helped?

No, I did not do a work placement with NTU. I did an unpaid short work experience in London whilst studying at the partner institution – Kedge Business School. NTU supported me financially.

What advice would you give to NTU students applying for graduate roles this year?

A graduate role is an opportunity to explore and develop life-long skills whilst earning. It's a huge stepping stone in the world of work, and helps you build confidence and professionalism.

What is a typical working day / week like for you?

Every day you're given new responsibilities which help you grow.

What would you consider the top three transferrable skills acquired in this role?

Being proactive, dynamic, and responsible.

How would you sum up your job, in only three words?

Life-changing, congruent, and collaborative.

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