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Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials

At NTU, we’re discovering innovative and cost effective solutions to address current and future gaps in healthcare across the globe. Combining cutting-edge design and expertise, we’re creating smart textiles, medical devices and robotics.

Our Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials theme seeks to identify and progress research into advanced functional materials leading to technical and device-specific breakthroughs.

We specialise in developing fundamental research to invent and test the medical technologies and advanced materials of tomorrow, as well as helping other research groups set their ideas in motion. Combining ground-breaking design and expertise, we’re creating smart textiles, medical devices and robotics.

Our dedicated researchers and professors lead the exploration of complex topics and projects to understand diseases and illness prevention. Promoting health, addressing the social determinants of health, and developing successful interventions to address a range of pressing medical and health-related problems.

This has included the invention of experimental materials that stimulate bone repair, the examination of the future of compression garments, the development of clothing-based wearable computing, and a collaboration with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine and other industry partners to develop affordable, realistic, and anatomically correct simulators for clinical training environments.

Key areas of focus

  • Patient and environmental sensors and detectors
  • Thin film technologies for interactive and dynamic materials
  • Biomaterials and biocompatibility
  • Cellular therapies and cell biology
  • Smart medical textiles and medical microbiology
  • Robotics and their use in healthcare

Associated Research Centres and Groups

Centre for Computer Science and Informatics (CIRC)

Harnessing enabling technologies ranging from machine learning, AI, and advanced display technologies, to intelligent sensors and robotics to drive advances for individuals and society.

Advanced Textiles Research Group

A thriving research group and a leading institution for advanced textiles research with a global reputation for designing electronically active wearable technology.

Cyberpsychology Research Group

The Cyberpsychology Research Group is very active in undertaking and disseminating research in the area of the psychology of the Internet and digital technology use.


The iSMART research group brings together expertise and facilities across a range of science and engineering disciplines to provide an extensive toolbox for collaborative research opportunities aligned to the needs of industry.

Medical Engineering Design Research Group

An interdisciplinary group bringing together a wide range of academics and medical professionals whose interests focus on medical engineering design across a wide range of research specialisms.

Multi-functional Materials Synthesis / Properties

Focusing on the synthesis and properties of multi-functional electroactive materials, including chiral conducting materials, and materials with electrical and magnetic properties.

Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF)

Providing state-of-the art dual facilities for research and development, MTIF gives you access to the latest in medical equipment, materials and capability.

Research projects

Discover research projects our academics are working on under the theme of Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials.


Researchers at NTU are using advanced textiles to transform patients' data into 3D printed models that are identical in shape, size and texture to human organs.

Re:search Re:imagined

To us, research is about more than writing papers and proposing new ideas. By daring to think differently, we’re disrupting the research landscape and finding the answers to the questions that really matter.