Global Heritage

The world is in a rapidly evolving state, and preserving our heritage is important in order that future generations can enjoy and learn from it.  From technology that can record and preserve the heritage of cities that suffered from wars, conflicts and deliberate destructions, to advising governments on preservation policies, and studying fragile artefacts without using invasive techniques, global heritage research at Nottingham Trent University has been active since the early 1990s.

Our work focuses on putting science and technology at the heart of heritage research. From tools that can monitor deterioration to innovative use of virtual technologies for heritage preservation, and from methods of conservation to application of science to the study of history, we are leading the way and broadening the scope of research within the subject areas of Art, Architecture, Design, Science and History.

Our work is supported by:

  • Architecture, urban planning and history
  • Heritage management and development
  • Literature and the arts
  • Science and engineering
  • Social sciences and cultural economics.