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Global Heritage

Transforming the Future of Heritage

Global heritage research at NTU has been active since the early 1990s with research projects, high profile international collaborations and world-leading funded projects contributing to national and international innovations, technologies and policies.

Our work focuses on putting science and technology at the heart of heritage research. From tools that can monitor deterioration to innovative use of virtual technologies for heritage preservation, and from methods of conservation to application of science to the study of history, we are leading the way and broadening the scope of research within the subject areas of Art, Architecture, Design, Science and History.

Engaging with others

Our research in heritage sciences, management and development enables us to collaborate with an extensive network of governments, museums, charities, heritage organisations, universities and cultural institutions to impact and shape the future vision and policies of cultural and built heritage preservation. NTU researchers advise several foreign governments on preservation policies, urban planning and recording heritage environments in Ireland, Egypt and more recently Iraq.

Inspiring heritage strategies

Our focus is developing smart and sustainable management of cultural heritage. Our progressive approaches prepare heritage sites for future challenges through sustainable and evidence-based research innovation. We study historic fabric, structures and communities and uncover new knowledge to reproduce heritage assets (history, experiences, and narratives) through new media that engage with increasingly changing user groups.

Our work focuses on:

  • The physical sciences, computing and engineering
  • Architecture, urban planning and history
  • Heritage management and development
  • Literature and the arts
  • Science and engineering
  • Social sciences and cultural economics.

Our Projects

To find out more information on the type of research being conducted under this Strategic Research Theme - with areas inducing science, heritage, architecture, literature and history - search our project page.