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Department of Economics

Nottingham Business School

The Department of Economics at Nottingham Business School offers a distinctive range of courses, applicable research and opportunities to engage in collaborative activities with a wide variety of organisations. It consists of a large international team of scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds in industry, professional practice and academia.

As a department, we can draw upon the expertise of the Economic Strategy Research Bureau (ESRB). This is uniquely placed to combine proven practitioner expertise with academic excellence. ESRB members contribute directly to our undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio at all levels, enabling our graduates to obtain an economic toolkit that is attractive to potential employers.

Research groups and centres

Centre for Behavioural Sciences

Research at this centre employs methods from various disciplines to gain deeper insights into human behaviour and decision making.

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Accounting and Finance Research Group

The Accounting and Finance Research Group undertakes research across a broad spectrum of accounting and finance related disciplines and across a range of sectors and geographical boundaries.

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Centre for People, Work and Organizational Practice

The research within the Centre explores the ways in which leadership and HR practices influence employees’ attitudes and behaviours at work.

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Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab

Founded in 2015 with the goal of supporting income generation, publication and business impact within the business school and across disciplines at NTU.

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Innovation, Digitization, Entrepreneurship and Operations Research Group

The Innovation, Digitization, Entrepreneurship and Operations Research Groups aim is to promote international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary research and collaboration, bringing together academia and practice in the areas of digital innovation; innovation, organization and strategy; operations and supply chain management; and entrepreneurship and small business management.

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Work, Informalisation and Place Research Centre

Providing innovative, interdisciplinary studies focusing on the spatial dimensions of contemporary work and employment in sectors such as hand car washes, nail bars, and small-scale garment manufacturing.

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Centre for Economics, Policy and Public Management

The centre brings together research on economic and policy issues and public management across the whole public sector at international, national, regional and local scales.

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