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Town and country planning

Our Property Development and Management department often attracts professionals from the private and public sectors to design and deliver our degree courses, taking advantage of their industry knowledge.

Your organisation can benefit from their real-world experience and independent approach.

Town planning consultancy

Our team have expertise in town and country planning including policy development and interpretation, local plan making, development needs assessment, site appraisals, and site promotion.

They can provide planning application advice including environmental impact assessments and help with planning applications and appeals, as well as training for decision-makers.

They also have specialist expertise and experience in:

  • planning for the management of waste
  • management processes including public participation, statutory consultee engagement, enforcement, appeals, and negotiating legal agreements
  • local authority planning service management, budget setting, and resource requirements

Please note: We do not offer one-to-one consultancy to individuals.

How to access this consultancy

If your project could benefit from this expert, independent advice, please contact Stephen Whalley, Head of Commercial Services at