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Eastern Africa Centre (EAC)

NTU's Eastern Africa Centre (EAC) is a University-wide initiative established to support the development of sustainable and equitable collaborations with our eastern African partners. The Centre, which builds on the strength of our existing links in the region, provides a platform for the development of networks and the delivery of an ongoing programme of research and public engagement activities, most notably in the areas of Public Health and Ecological Restoration.

Current Initiatives

Building healthy communities

We're working in partnership to strengthen health systems and the health and social work workforce in the region, including primary care and community health promotion, prevention and education delivery and training. Since 2012, our partners have been awarded over £1.9M to support this activity and ensure that the projects realise the benefits for all communities involved. In addition, work continues on a key project of anti-microbial resistance/stewardship.

Ecological restoration

Our joint ecological projects are supporting the restoration of native habitats in Kenya and in the wider eastern Africa region, contributing to the delivery of science identified by the UN and UKRI as 'critical and urgent'. This provides a platform to deliver research and training which is key to the future sustainability of diverse tropical ecosystems and their restoration, but with wider relevance to the UK and developed world.

Developing early career networks

Our established Africa and Middle East Network, and the development of our new Eastern Africa PhD Hub, are platforms on which NTU can establish key frameworks where academics in the UK and our partners in the region can connect and develop impactful collaborations. These initiatives facilitate the development of key networks, build expertise and facilitate knowledge transfer across a range of subject areas.

An Advisory Board, with membership from across our partner network in the region as well as the local Nottinghamshire area, will steer the direction of the Eastern Africa Centre and provide valuable input and oversight of the activities taking place.

Nottingham Universities and Historical Slavery

The EAC will also provide a focal point for collectively identifying and addressing the legacies of slavery and institutional racism, particularly as they impact on the ownership and exploitation of research outputs.

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