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Georgina Mclocklin

Academic Associate

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Georgina is an Academic Associate in the Psychology department who teaches core undergraduate modules such as: Developing Academic Skills in Psychology, Analytical Thinking, Year 1 Research Methods and Year 2 Qualitative Research Methods. In addition to teaching Georgina contributes to the Psychology Community Initiative by developing events that can help foster a sense of belonging in our students such as gaming events. She also uses her research knowledge to work as part of the Equality Diversity and Inclusion’s Sexual Violence and Safety group to help develop resources for students around sexual violence and consent.

Research areas

Georgina’s research interests are broadly linked to Social Psychology and Forensic Psychology. Her research largely looks at coping strategies and wellbeing in often stigmatised populations. Her current PhD research is looking at people’s help-seeking experiences after having their nude or sexual images shared without their consent.

Before this Georgina has conducted research with a variety of other groups including prison officers and self identified paedophiles.

Georgina has used both quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct research and often uses Social Psychological theory such as the Social Identity Approach and Social Cure and the Social Curse to apply to her research.

Georgina’s research interests include:

  • Stigma, social injustice, prejudice, exclusion and discrimination
  • Trauma, coping strategies and mental wellbeing
  • Sexual behaviour and sexuality
  • Gender