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Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Group

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

Research theme: Health and Wellbeing

School: Nottingham Business School


The Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Group has been recently created to provide a focal point for the research interests of staff with the School’s Marketing Department and other collaborators within the School and University. The group focuses on a number of distinct and interrelated themes within the broad field of marketing and consumer studies, and the overarching contexts of Retail, Education, Politics, Health and Tourism. These themes cover issues arising from a range of factors including technology, sustainability, creativity and customer emotions. Researchers within the group, totalling over 25 colleagues, produce research outputs of international standing in topic areas aligned to these themes such as: social media; brand equity, the computer mediated economy; high tech start-ups; gift giving; theatre; value; personalization; power asymmetry; the sharing economy; country of origin; corporate brands and brand identity; aging; social marketing and exclusion; sustainable supply chain and business models; sustainable tourism; high street regeneration. Amongst the many journals that members of the group publish in, a number to note include the Journal of Travel Research, the Journal of Economic Geography, Organization Studies, the International Journal of Hospitality Management, the Journal of Business Ethics, Computers in Human Behaviour, Psychology and Marketing, and Studies in Higher Education. Researchers have also been awarded and successfully delivered ESRC projects that have informed the retail research agenda nationally and the group is strongly aligned to the increasingly influential National Retail Research Knowledge Exchange Centre (NRRKEC).

The purpose of the Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Group is to:

  • undertake innovative research in the marketing and consumer domains, and transfer this knowledge in an impactful way to the academic and commercial communities
  • support income generation, publication and commercial impact in the marketing and consumer domains
  • encourage and support interdisciplinary links within Nottingham Business School (NBS) and the University
  • support and foster collaboration within the group’s key domains with academics and institutions worldwide.

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Related staff

The core members of the Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Group are listed below. Their individual profiles together with their research interests and recent publications can be viewed by clicking on the individual links.

  • Malcolm Sullivan, Interim Director of the Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Group
  • Dr Gomaa Agag, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Guja Armannsdottir, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Ines Branco Illodo, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Abraham Brown, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Nazan Colmekcioglu, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Michael Ehret, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Margaret Grzegorczyk, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Linda Lee, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Killian O’Leary, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Chris Pich, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Sheilagh Resnick, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Lisa Siebers, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Cagri Talay, Department of Marketing
  • Dr Tony Woodall, Department of Marketing



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