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Psychology faculty members

Dr Loren AbellLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Sally AndrewsLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark AndrewsLecturer / Senior LecturerBayesian data analysis; mathematical psychology; computational models of human cognition
Dr Palwinder Athwal-KoonerLecturer / Senior LecturerForensic mental health
Dr Stephen BadhamLecturer / Senior LecturerAgeing research including memory and dementia
Prof Thomas BaguleyProfessorExperimental psychology, human cognition and statistical modelling
Dr Matthew BelmonteReaderAutism: domain-general skills in social cognition; dimensional individual differences. ERP, fMRI, behaviour.
Dr Lucy BettsAssociate ProfessorCyberbullying, bullying, peer relationships, social development
Dr Jens BinderLecturer / Senior LecturerComputer-mediated communication; human-computer interaction; social-interactive technologies; online social networks; social media
Dr Nicholas BlagdenLecturer / Senior LecturerSexual offending, crime and desistance; prisons, prisoners, therapy and resettlement; religion and crime
Dr Hayley BoultonLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Mhairi BoweLecturer / Senior LecturerThe role of social groups, communities, and places in health and wellbeing
Dr Helen BrownLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Sarah BuglassLecturer / Senior LecturerOnline risk and vulnerability, social development, fear of missing out (FOMO)
Dr Antonio CastroLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Simon ClarkeLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Filipe CristinoLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Filipa CaladoLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Prof David CrundallProfessor
Dr Gayle DillonPrincipal LecturerAutism, educational settings, forensic research, vulnerable populations
Dr Vivienne DuLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew DunnLecturer / Senior LecturerPerson perception (faces, voices, bodies); attention capture and memory (people, objects and location); perceptual motor action; developmental cognition; evolutionary psychology
Dr Kate Ellis-DaviesLecturer / Senior LecturerParenting, parent well-being, postnatal depression, child development, health, play, learning, cross-cultural, hunter-gatherers, IVF, surrogacy, LGBT, developmental
Dr Sarah GardnerLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew Grayson Associate Professor
Prof Mick GregsonProfessor Emeritus 
Prof Mark GriffithsProfessor
Prof John GroegerProfessorSleep, cognition and health
Dr Duncan GuestPrincipal LecturerVisual cognition, processing speed and older adults. Cogniton and consumer behaviour.
Laura HamiltonLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Lydia HarkinLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Craig HarperLecturer / Senior LecturerAttitudes and judgements about sexual crime; atypical sexuality; political psychology and decision-making
Dr Andrew HarrisLecturer / Senior LecturerExecutive control in risk-taking behaviours
Mark HarrisLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Nadja HeymLecturer / Senior LecturerIndividual differences, personality, psychopathology and antisocial behaviour
Dr Christina HowardAssociate ProfessorVisual attention, brain mechanisms and individual differences in attention
Dr Lai-Sang (Linda) IaoLecturer / Senior LecturerSocial and cognitive aspects of Autism Spectrum Conditions and Developmental Language Disorder
Dr Beth JonesLecturer / Senior LecturerMinority mental health and wellbeing
Dr Gary JonesAssociate ProfessorTypical and atypical development and language acquisition
Dr Lucy JusticeLecturer / Senior LecturerMemory for events and experiences, esp. applied settings (legal, healthcare)
Dr Maria Karanika-MurrayAssociate ProfessorWork-related health and wellbeing
Dr Blerina KelleziLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Fraenze KibowskiLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Rosie Kitson-BoyceLecturer / Senior LecturerForensic psychology, sexual offences, prisons, reintegration
Dr Maria KontogianniLecturer / Senior LecturerIntimate relationships, relationship ronflict, sexuality, LGBT psychology, identity, military psychology
Dr Daria KussLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Rebecca LarkinPrincipal LecturerLanguage and literacy development in children, Developmental Language Disorder
Dr Joost LeunissenSenior Lecturer
Rebecca LievesleyLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew MackenzieLecturer / Senior LecturerVisual cognition and neuroscience: Understanding oculomotor behaviour and cognitive ability in real-world tasks
Dr Mike MarriottLecturer / Senior LecturerClinical psychology practice, eating disorders, and body image
Dr Sarah McDonaldLecturer / Senior LecturerMental health, clinical psychology practice and service, implementation science
Dr Niamh McNamaraSenior LecturerGroup memberships and health; identity transitions; social prescribing; online communities and mental health
Dr Alex MeredithLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Prof Suvo MitraProfessorSensorimotor control; motor-cognitive multi-tasking; effects of ageing
Dr Christine NormanLecturer / Senior LecturerSexual crime, sexual addiction, overcontrolled personality, schizophrenia and schizotypy
Dr Ben OldfieldLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Annika PauknerLecturer / Senior LecturerComparative cognition
Petya PetrovaLecturer / Senior LecturerCross-cultural hazard perception and prediction in driving
Dr Halley PontesLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Preethi PremkumarLecturer / Senior LecturerSocial neuroscience of family dynamics and vulnerability to psychosis
Dr Michael RennoldsonLecturer / Senior LecturerLiving with cancer and its treatment, healthcare interactions, & control theory
Dr Darren RhodesLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Kate RobertsLecturer / Senior LecturerAuditory and visual attention, ageing
Dr Jens RoeserLecturer / Senior LecturerUnderstanding human language processing using keystrokes, eye-tracking and Bayesian statistics
Dr Elizabeth RoxburghLecturer / Senior LecturerAnomalous experiences, spirituality, wellbeing and mental health, benefits of nature, sensory processing sensitivity, and service evaluation
Dr Mark SergeantLecturer / Senior LecturerPedagogy, Academic Integrity, Sexuality
Dr Sarah Seymour-SmithLecturer / Senior LecturerDiscursive psychology: men's health; online and face-to-face support groups; obesity; sex offending
Serena SimmonsLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Karen SladeAssociate ProfessorSuicide, self-harm, dual harm and mental health in forensic populations
Dr Harriet SmithEarly Career Researcher
Dr Lorraine SmithLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Paula StaceyLecturer / Senior LecturerSpeech perception and audio-visual integration
Dr Rebecca StackLecturer / Senior LecturerHealth service research, health promotion, health inequalities, resilience and chronic illness
Dr Clifford StevensonAssociate Professor
Dr James StillerLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Alexander SumichAssociate ProfessorAffective neuroscience (depression, empathy, aggression). Nutrition, fatty acids, gut bacteria. ERP, neuroimaging, behaviour.
Dr Christian SumnerLecturer / Senior LecturerAuditory neuroscience; hearing
Dr Eva SundinReader
Dr Sebastian TeicherLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark TorranceLecturer / Senior LecturerCognitive and educational psychology of writing
Dr Richard TriggPrincipal Lecturer
Prof Jean UnderwoodProfessor Emerita 
Dr Juliet WakefieldLecturer / Senior LecturerGroup membership and wellbeing
Dr David WildeLecturer / Senior LecturerQualitative investigations of anomalous experiences; cancer; palliative care; long-term conditions
Dr Glenn WilliamsPrincipal LecturerPsychological wellbeing and mental health
Dr Iain WilsonLecturer / Senior Lecturer
Prof Belinda WinderProfessorProblematic sexual arousal; sexual offending, crime and desistance; prisons, prisoners, and resettlement; religion and crime
Prof Clare WoodProfessorChildren’s reading development, technology and literacy, critical literacy skills and ‘fake news’, speech prosody and literacy skills
Dr Angie YoungLecturer / Senior Lecturer

Hourly Paid Lecturers

  • Dr Claire Bloxsom (Lecturer)
  • Vivianne Crowley (Lecturer)
  • Dimitra Gkiontsi (Lecturer)
  • Georgina Gous (Lecturer)
  • Dr Moon Halder (Lecturer)
  • Stephen Kumako (Lecturer)
  • David Martin (Lecturer)

Research associates

  • Charlotte Boatman
  • Andrew Butcher
  • Imogen Byrne
  • Rahmanara Chowdhury
  • Dr Sebastiano Costa
  • Rosie Daly
  • Jessica Faulkner
  • Thomas Goodge
  • Georgina Gous
  • Dr Moon Halder
  • Bethany Huntington
  • Sarah Kelly
  • Victoria Kroll
  • Alexander Muhl-Richardson
  • Brad Standen
  • William Van Gordon
  • Dr Editha Van Loon
  • Michael Vernon


  • Joshua Baker
  • Roy Barson
  • Steven Scott
  • Ben Thompson

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