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Suliman Alshahmy

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Accounting and Finance


Suliman is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Nottingham Trent University. His role at the Business School involves teaching and research. Suliman is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervising research at the business school. Suliman is an established research special interests in Accounting and Finance, Oil and Gas disclosures, Corporate Governance, and Financial Markets. Suliman is happy to supervise PhD students in the areas of Accounting and Finance.

Career overview

Suliman completed his PhD in Business and Management at University of Nottingham, and he done another PhD in Finance at Al Hurrah University and Ciro University. Before joining NTU as full-time lecturer, he worked as lecturer in Accounting and Finance. Suliman is one of pioneer in Libyan finance industry, he is the founder of Libyan stock market, he was the chairman and CEO of Libyan stock market for 7 years. He is having a wide range of experience in finance, he worked in banking sector and he was chairman of one of Libyan Banks, he as well-known as financial expert as he worked as adviser with UN and Omani Government. Suliman has also published 2 books in personal finance in Arabic and presented his work at various conference such as BAFA.

Research areas

Suliman's recent research was on Oil and Gas disclosures, Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Corporate social responsibility.

External activity

  • Founder and previous head of Libyan Stock Market
  • Corporate Governance Adviser
  • UN Economist Expert


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Alshahmy,S. (2015). Financial Planning for Youth People and Children. Dar Alketab Aljamehy, Alhain, United Arab Emirates.

Thesis Presentation:

Alshahmy, S., (2021). Impact of reserve and decommissioning disclosures on firm’s performance and value listed on the UK market. PhD, University of Nottingham.

Alshahmy, S., (2010). The role of the stock exchange market in the privatization processes and the broadening of ownership base: A case study of the Libyan financial market. PhD, Al Hurra International University of Netherland

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