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Sports clubs

From American Football to Ultimate Frisbee, there's sports clubs to suit all interests and abilities at NTU. Whether you want to try something new or continue with an activity you’ve been doing for years, joining a sports club is the perfect way to make friends, keep fit and have fun.

Sports Club Update

Outdoor activity will resume on Monday 29 March, following the protocols of the relevant national governing bodies of sport. Full details regarding sports activities restarting will be communicated via the sports club committees.

Indoor group activities will not resume until Monday 17 May at the earliest. In the meantime, the NTU Sport staff team is working hard with your club committees to find a way to offer your activity in outside spaces wherever possible. Further information will be communicated via the sports club committees.

Free Sport Club Membership for Term 3

NTU Sport are excited to announce free Sport Club Membership for term 3 for all students who have returned to campus.

We understand that it has been an extremely challenging time for you and wanted to give all our students the opportunity to participate in Sport for term 3.

We are delighted to offer you an opportunity to take part in an activity that you love, or even try out something completely new. Discover more with our Free Sport Club Memberships for Term 3 , simply sign up for your free membership here.

Please note places are limited, once you have secured your membership online, please contact your individual club who will advise how and when you can access sessions. (individual club contact details listed below)

Once you have contacted your club, sport club sessions can be booked via the NTU Sport App.

*Students are able to join more than one club.

Varsity Sporting competition

NTU Sports Clubs

Browse through our NTU sport clubs and find something you'll love.

Please note that students who play at BUCS level are able to access NTU's in-house physiotherapy services.

All sports kit is supplied by Kukri.

Keeping you safe

We will be implementing the following measures throughout all of our facilities:

  • Our changing rooms will only be available for certain activities, where possible please come fully dressed for your workout and shower at home.
  • Each building will have additional signage to mark which direction members should walk in, to encourage use of the stairs wherever possible and to sanitise hands after touching communal objects such as door key pads.
    Additional hand sanitiser gel stations will be by each main entrance, near toilets and at various points throughout the facilities.
  • Antibacterial wipes will be provided and must be used before and after using any equipment.
  • Some equipment won’t be available to enable appropriate social distancing.
  • Regular enhanced cleaning will take place in the facilities.
  • Screens have been placed at reception desks, where it is difficult to maintain a 2m distance.

Club set-up and membership

  • Bookings

    Club trips

    If your club would like to go on a trip it will need to be registered with your SDO first. This can be done by using the online Trip Registration Portal. Any of the committee can be set up to use the portal. Contact your SDO who can do this for you. You must give at least seven days' notice of your trip. For further information on Planning and Organising trips, look at the Committee Handbook Chapter 21.

    Once the trip has been registered on the Portal your SDO will contact you to authorise the trip. Unauthorised trips will not be covered by NTU insurance.

    Transport booking

    The Students' Union owns a fleet of Vehicles which are available to book for club trips. Vehicles can be booked using the online Transport Booking Portal. You must give at least a seven days' notice before booking transport, please check availability on the Students' Union website. You must also ensure you have someone who has completed the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) in order to drive the bus. Most trips will require at least two drivers.

    In addition to the above there are also a number of external providers who we can book transport with, however please check that the SU's own transport isn't available first. Booking for external hire can also be made through the above portal. Transport booking is administered by the Sports Administrator on +44 (0)115 848 6389.

    Accident procedure

    In the event of an incident or accident all clubs must follow the Sports Club Emergency Procedure. At the earliest opportunity the club must complete an NTU Sport Accident and Near Miss form.

    Paying in money

    Money can be paid directly into your club account at our reception desks at either campus. Brackenhurst campus sports clubs please speak to your SDO. If you want to set up a unique event for paying in (makes it easier to check who has paid in) contact either the Gym Reception or your SDO.

  • Finance


    A link to a copy of the club account will be sent to the clubs President and Treasurer. Accounts are updated on a weekly basis except for card payments that are updated at the end of each month. All invoices are paid within 30 days from the date on the invoice and will show in the club accounts only once a payment has come out.

    Money is paid into the club account at the sports centre reception at either City Campus or Clifton Campus, specifying the club name and what the money is for. 20% VAT will be paid on any deposits.


    Clubs must fill out an online Purchase Request Form (See link below) and receive authorisation or further instructions before committing to any expenditure. Unauthorised expenditure will not be paid for – this includes any invoices that were issued without prior approval from NTU Sport. The club Treasurer must check the club budget and account and approve the expenditure before a purchase request is submitted.

    If you are asked to obtain an invoice from a supplier, it should have the following invoice address on:

    Nottingham Consultants
    50 Shakespeare Street
    NG1 4FQ

    Expenditure of under £50 that cannot be paid for directly from the club account, may be paid for out of your own pocket and claimed back. This can only be done in exceptional circumstances and with prior approval from the club SDO. Expenditure can be claimed back within one month by filling out an expense claim form (See link below) and handing it in, accompanied by original receipts, to City or Clifton Campus’ sports reception.


    Income: Clubs pay 20% VAT to HM Revenue on all money paid into their account. For example, if you pay £120 into your club account, you will only receive £100 in the account after tax.

    Expenditure: Clubs do not pay VAT on expenditure. For example, if you are quoted a price of £450 including VAT, you will only pay the net price of £375.

    Exceptions: In the case of non-vat registered suppliers, non-vatable expenditure, zero vat-rated goods and services, you will pay the full price. You will also pay the full price on expense claims, even if the expenditure claimed included VAT.

    Always check with your supplier first if prices quoted include VAT. Use the Expenditure Planner (See link below) to see how much you need to pay in /charge your members to cover/ subsidise expenditure or raise money for your club.

    Link to forms:

    Finance Handbook

    Expenditure Planner (VAT calculator)
    Committee training presentation
    Committee training workshop
    Committee training workshop answers
    Online Purchase Request Form
    Expense claim form

  • Marketing and comms

    Social media

    Recruitment for your club begins long before Welcome Week. From their very first open day, prospective students begin to explore Universities and what they have on offer. This includes the sporting opportunities available.

    Students can access information about each Sports Club through a variety of platforms, including the website and Social Media channels. This means that what you post can be viewed by hundreds or thousands of people, not just your current members.

    Before you post, think:

    • Would this post put someone off joining our club?
    • Are we presenting ourselves in the best possible light?
    • Would this post offend anyone?
    • Is the content relevant to our audience?
    • Am I tarnishing the NTU brand by posting this content or sharing this image?

    Social Media when utilised in the best possible way can have tremendous effects – reaching audiences on a worldwide scale.

    All sports club social media channels should also be used in accordance to the Nottingham Trent University Computer Use Regulations. If any channels breach these regulations individuals can be subject to disciplinary procedures.


    The brand of your club is the first thing everyone sees when they search. How you present yourselves isn't just about what you write but also about how you look. As an official Nottingham Trent University sports club, you and your teammates should be proud to carry the University name in both its logo and your kit. Presentation also comes down to your online platforms. Make sure your Twitter and Facebook channels are strongly branded to ensure maximum coverage. Prospective students and potential sponsors may skip past your channels if they do not match the university branding.

    For details on the official colours and logos to use – contact the Sport Marketing Assistant for more info.

    Events and news stories

    Are you and your club hosting an event? Have you recently competed for your university? Are you raising money for charity?

    If you are doing any of the above or more we want to know about it! Keep us up to date with what you're up to and we will share the good news even further. NTU Sport loves to boast about our clubs and competitions so why not fill out the news story template and send it to our Sport Marketing Assistant

  • Safety

    Safety – Committee Responsibility

    A 'duty of care' is owed to all members of the various sports clubs by NTU and the committee. It is essential that each club committee are fully aware of the responsibility they have for ensuring all activities take place in a safe place, with safe equipment and are organised and conducted by safe people. Participants are considered safe when they have received appropriate guidance and instruction prior to taking part in any activity. Equipment is deemed to be safe if it is serviceable and fit for purpose – some items of equipment must have documentation proving that regular serviceability checks are taking place. Some items of equipment are deemed as personal protective equipment (PPE) and as such must be used during club activities. No venue or location can be 'totally' safe, however, all facilities and activities within those facilities should have an up-to date Risk Assessment, it can then be considered a safe place (controlled environment).

    In all circumstances the committee and coach is responsible for reviewing risk assessments on an annual basis. If your club moves to a new location or introduces new activities you must update your risk assessment. Failure to do this might deem you (committee) negligent in your responsibility for 'duty of care'.

    From more information you can read the NTU Health and Safety Policy – Paragraph 8.15 or the Club Handbook.

    Club Risk Assessment

    All clubs must have an up to date Risk Assessment. To view your clubs Risk Assessment please visit the Trip Reg Portal. If you wish to amend your Risk Assessment contact your SDO.

    Accident and emergency procedure

    In the event of an incident or accident all clubs must follow the Sports Club Emergency Procedure. At the earliest opportunity the club must complete an NTU Sport Accident and Incident form.


    Equipment should be checked at the start of every session to ensure it is safe to use. All Personal Protective Equipment must have a record of regular checks by a competent person. Equipment should only be used for the purpose intended.


    All drivers of NTSU Transport must have completed a Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) driving assessment. Approved Student drivers are issued with a NTSU Driver Card. This is reviewed on an annual basis through the annual submission of licenses to NTSU.

    All passengers must wear seatbelts when travelling in NTSU transport. Vehicles must not be overloaded and aisles should be kept free of bags and equipment. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited while travelling in NTSU transport.

    Further information: please visit Safe Sport and the official website for Health and Safety Executive.

    First aid courses

    Your club must have an appropriate number of first aiders present at club sessions. This is normally a minimum of one first aider at any activity. If the group is large or the activity is high risk there should be two or more first aiders.

    The level of first aid training is dependent on your clubs activities. For most clubs the Three Hour Emergency Response training is sufficient if the club activities are taking place in a controlled environment (quick access to telephone and more highly qualified first aiders). Some clubs will have coaches, instructors and volunteers who are also qualified.

    For clubs conducting activities in an uncontrolled environment a full First Aid Qualification is required. This is either a one or two day course. Contact your SDO for advice if required. First aid qualifications only last for three years and annual updates are strongly recommended.

  • Social and wellbeing

    Sports Club standards

    As a member of an NTU Sport club, we expect students to adhere to our behaviour standards. Download our NTU Sports Club behaviour standards, which is applicable to all team members, coaches and volunteers. Repercussions will be implemented should any Sport club member breach any of these standards.


    Nottingham Trent University is a vibrant place to study and work, enriched by the diversity of perspectives, cultures and backgrounds brought by its students, staff, visitors and local communities.

    The University and Students' Union are firmly committed to sustaining a highly effective learning environment characterised by fairness, equality of opportunity and the valuing of diversity.

    Principles of dignity and respect underpin all that we do.

    All students and staff are expected to treat others with respect, and can expect respect from others in return.
    Remember, initiations are banned; inclusive welcome drinks are not. The new behavioural standards and student code of practice express the potential consequences, which can extend as far as exclusion from University so please be smart.

    Ocean tickets

    Be responsible – your actions reflect your club!

    Arrange fun and inoffensive social themes in advance, use member feedback and make Facebook events and send invites, as appropriate.

    Ensure Wednesday evenings are planned with fixtures in mind.

    If you fail to sell all your tickets, try to sell to other clubs as its all income.

    Be aware that some people may drink a little bit too much, especially in the first few weeks – try to spot early signs.

  • Sponsorship guidance

    Clubs wishing to secure funding for club activities via sponsorship must complete a 'sponsorship agreement form', and submit it at either city or Clifton Sports Centre reception or hand it to the designated SDO.

    The form must be completed in full (parts highlighted in yellow) and signed by:

    • the Club Treasurer or President
    • the sponsor
    • a representative of the NTU Sport Management Team.

    Sponsorship agreements will be neither valid, nor honoured without this form completed fully. Agreements with alcohol-related sponsors, such as bars and clubs, will not be accepted.

    What the sponsors normally ask for:

    • Promoting the sponsor on social media, at events and putting the sponsor's logo on promotional material and social tops.
    • Hosting events / meals at the sponsor's venue.
    • Recommending the sponsor's services to members of your club.

    How much is your club sponsorship worth? Factors to consider:

    • Size of the club?
    • As a club how much commitment does the agreement require and is it realistic?
    • Is the funding offered enough to benefit all members of the club?

    DO's and DON'Ts:

    • Don't agree to minimum or average spends.
    • Don't agree exclusivity to one sponsor.
    • Don't agree to more sponsorship than you can accommodate.
    • Don't agree to set attendance numbers.
    • Make sure it is specified how often and when the sponsor needs you to undertake the required activities to fulfil your contract obligations.
    • Make sure there is an agreement in place as to when the money will be paid.

  • Sports kit

    How to order Leisurewear

    Clubs can order branded leisurewear through their website. This is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Free delivery for kit orders is always LWSC, collection will be organised through Kukri. Students can pay for delivery to an address of their choosing. Orders of this nature MUST be signed for on delivery.

    How to order other kit/clothing – e.g. social tops

    Follow the same procedures as laid out in the Purchasing section of the handbook, but you must remember you are not allowed to use the NTU logo or Shield on these items of clothing.


    Kukri is the current official sports kit supplier for NTU teams/clubs. In all instances they must be consulted for the provision of any kit, including leisurewear and competitive kit. This also means they have the sole use of the NTU logo and the NTU crest. No other supplier is allowed to use or adapt these logos under any circumstances.

    Kukri kit

    Kukri sponsor the playing shirts of teams that compete in BUCS leagues and knockouts and / or compete eight or more times per year in an NGB recognised competition. NTU will work with clubs to place an order for these shirts, which will arrive at NTU for the start of term one.

    If you are representing NTU in any competitive event and wishing to purchase any additional Playing Kit, it must be organised through Kukri and your SDO. If Kukri cannot provide a particular item then your SDO will help you to resolve this.
    NAll these items are available to buy from the Lee Westwood Sports Centre. Each individual player is responsible for buying their own shorts and socks.

    Varsity kit

    Clubs can purchase playing tops with names printed on (not nicknames). However these have to be in the NTU design. We no longer allow bespoke Varsity kit designs.

    Any off-court / pitch items such as T-shirts / hoodies / jackets should be organised through Kukri and your SDO representative.

Still need help?

NTU Sport
+44 (0)115 848 3219